Question to all tree frog breeders

I’ve heard that tree frogs can lay hundreds of eggs, so does that mean you have hundreds of babies? How do you care for that many babies, and how is it possible to sell that many?

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Caring for hundreds of baby Tree Frogs while a challenge is not really the main hurdle for someone who wants to breed frogs. If someone is looking to consistently breed a frog species that is as reproductive as you are describing (one that spawns hundreds or even thousands of eggs per year), they generally need to have many more sources/outlets to sell their animals than the average reptile breeder. Basically all of the guys that breed these types of species full or even part time attend reptile shows regularly, sell to customers directly online, have wholesale connections to larger wholesalers or/and to multiple online and in person reptile distributors, and most will also export their animals overseas. For people who don’t have such connections, they will normally either dump their animals into the online market for dirt cheap and tank the prices and value of that species, or the more responsible thing to do is to cull off the percentage of eggs or tadpoles that they will not be able to sell at market price. Some species like Suriname Marine Toads can literally spawn 30,000+ eggs at a time, and it is completely unreasonable to try and raise them all. The excess must be culled if they are to be bred in captivity.

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