Questions about Hybrid Genetics

Hey everyone.
I have some questions regarding genetics on the hybrid species known as Baltics( Ball Python X Reticulated Python).
I was wondering if you were to breed a pied ball to a anery retic, technically all the offspring if they survived would be 100% het pied and anery correct? And then if you were to breed them back together, would you be able to possibly get a visual pied anery baltic?
I’m interested to hear what some of you who have much more knowledge than myself about genetics have to say on the matter.

I understand that this is a touchy subject with some. I’m not asking for advice to make this snake in the future, it’s strictly educational for me. It has always been in the back of my brain if it was even possible, which I don’t think it is but there is very little information out there regarding the subject.

Thank you all.

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Yes, if you were to breed a Pied ball to an Anery retic and then breed the offspring back to each other you could produce an Anery Pied F2 Baltic at 1:16 odds

However, this assumes that Baltics are fertile, not all hybrids are


Ok very good, thank you for the info!

I was aware that not all hybrid clutches succeed, and for me it’s not worth putting a female through all that work for a possible clutch, that already has poor odds of being fertile.
Good to know tho as in my research I had difficulty finding answers.