Questions about pieds

I am looking at a pied for my next addition and I’m wondering if the expression(white to Pattern ratio) has anything to do with quality/ price the one I’m looking at has basically all white except for his head/about and inch of his neck and a dot or two

I think it’s all in the eyes of the beholder. The price you pay for the snake you want is up to you.
That said, some thoughts on things below:

Some breeders will charge differently for different reasons when it comes to exclusively pied genes. The breeder has every right to charge what they feel is correct regardless. If this is a breeder’s custom line bred for high white pieds? They might charge differently as they have been working to genetically perfect some of those expressions. Almost like a tangerine line for leopard geckos. The same can apply to low white pied projects as well. Some people will even follow and buy specifically because of who bred the snake and what the line is.

The only time I personally feel like it warrants a large price difference is if there are other genes involved. For example, some very high white pieds show up when breeding cinnamon or black pastel genes with the pied. Some genes can make a pied entirely white, like a super cinny, super black pastel or a spider gene. In that case, the other genetics may be taken in account for the price markup.


I’m no expert but basic pied pattern value generally is

High whites are worth a little bit more than low whites.

Best value- is usually a 50/50 with nice contrast/pattern saddles evenly spaced out down the snake.

This is only my opinion based on what usually is revealed in the basic pied listings here on MM.

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