Questions about Super dwarf Reticulated pythons

How big do dwarfs get? Are super dwarfs ok for intermediate owners how well do they feed, cage size requirements? Handleablity?

Best thing for you to do is find Garrett Hartle’s YouTube channel and spend a few days watching. He answers everything you have asked here and more :+1:t4:


I recommend Garrett Hartle’s YouTube channel as well. Garrett is a great guy, and very knowledgeable about super dwarfs


Super dwarfs hybrids from good lineages reach around 8-10feet and around 20-30 lbs for females,
and 6-8 feet and just a few pounds for males.

The extra couple feet difference between male and female makes for a HUGE size difference.

The species in general is food oriented, it’s extremely uncommon for them to refuse a meal unless in the breeding state.

For cage sizing I’d recommend buying/creating the largest semi-arboreal enclosure you can afford; however, super dwarf retics grow slowly. You you can house them in a 40 gallon breeder for a few years while planning out the perfect end game enclosure.

SD’s in general handle well, I’d recommend staying away from the platinum/fire/ultra lines, as those have the potential to be more defensive.
In general if you put in the work then you can develop an excellent relationship with them, they have the potential to be a little more active that their mainland counterparts, but their size makes them easier to handle.

Super dwarfs are good for knowledgeable owners of any experience level, but you have not conducted the proper research, therefore a super dwarf is not okay for you at this moment in time.


I mean… It sounds like they are doing the research right now…


I agree find Garrett Hartle’s YouTube channel , loads of good information. Size depends on the snake and how big his parents are. My super dwarf platinum is a male and from small parents so I don’t expect him to get much bigger then around 6 or 7 feet. He is very laid back, smart, and easy to handle.


I don’t agree with a 40 gallon breeder tank for any retic. Or any tank for that matter with a screen top. Retics have soft facial tissue, and they are a very active species no matter if it’s mainland or SD/D. They could easily hurt themselves simply by exploring any tank with a screen top.
Size does depend on the parents, but mostly the mom. If you have a mom that’s 14 feet like some pure Jampea which are a dwarf species, the babies in turn can reach 14 feet. Of course depending on feed schedule and prey size.
All retics are food oriented and will display very good feeding responses. You should never have a hard time feeding a retic, just be carful because they get excited when they smell the slightest sent of the prey.
Size wise if you’re looking for a small retic, start with reputable breeders like Garrett Hartle. Or try and find a pure SD, that means 100%. They won’t come with any morphs, maybe besides Anery, but they will stay the smallest of any retic out there.
My friend has a pair of pure Kalatoa super dwarfs. They are over a year old and weigh in at 96 and 91 grams. They grow slow which will allow you to grow your confidence with them.
Do your research and make sure you want a retic. They are very demanding in care( as in they pee everyday) and time. But I would say if you’re confident in knowing that you for sure want a retic, get one. They are amazing animals but I am biased as they are my favorite all time snake.

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Just found this, what a wonderful bit of advice

Thank you :grin:

Is he from the NERD line?

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Yes, Little Big Snake is from Nerd. His mom is 7.5 to 8 ft. His dad is 6 ft.


The NERD line platinum SD is one of my dream snakes; keep us updated!


I have a tiger platinum male. One of my favorite snakes!