Questions on base color

I just recently bought this crested gecko, and I was wondering about her base color. I thought she would fire up and be either yellow or red, but this is as dark as I have seen her be. I noticed that she looked like a hypo crestie I have saved, but I wanted to see what you all though.
I still love her though, she’s already settled in lol.


You would have to prove her to know, i would assume yellow and hypo as well, but if you can’t get her to fire more than that then the only way to know for sure would be to prove, as anyone’s guess would be as good as yours (:


What’s the best way to prove her out? I’m planning on breeding her to a yellow Lilly white, but is there a better option in the future?

I would breed her to something other than a yellow, because yellow is dominant. So if she’s paired to a gecko that for sure isn’t yellow, and she pops out yellow babies, then she has to be a yellow (:

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I know some Geckos don’t fire up as they get older. Do you have any pics of her when she was younger? I know you just bought her, but thought the seller must have younger pics of her?

If so, that may help

I don’t have baby photos, but I can try to see if I can get them.
I didn’t know yellow was dominant, that’s very interesting.

If you’re interested in crestie genetics you should check out Foundation Genetics on LMReptiles’ website! There’s so much good stuff in there :blush:

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She looks yellow, so yes to hypo :grin: Yellow is a hypo colour.
I have a yellow boy myself, along with hypo reds, lavs etc. it’s a fav of mine!

Yellow and red works well together, makes some beautiful brighter reds! X

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