Quick BP ID question

Hi! Just curious if anyone wants to give guesses on the genetics of this little fella! I picked it up from a friend yesterday and am not super confident in my identification skills :slight_smile: any thoughts appreciated!

Pairing was an Asphalt to a Leopard Enchi Pastel Spotnose Ivory

I will get some natural light pictures as soon as possible but it’s a bit cold out and my house doesn’t have much natural light. And if you need other angles let me know and I can snap them.


I’m seeing pastel enchi yellowbelly. He has the butterfly headstamp of pastel enchi as well as the banding, and if one parent was an ivory then he’s guaranteed yellowbelly. I don’t see Spotnose or leopard.


Thank you, that’s what I saw too. Butterfly head stamp, mottled enchi banding and YB from mom :slight_smile: I appreciate it!


Very nice little fellow there! Congratulations! :blush::joy:


The pairing was not asphalt to an ivory as all babies would be asphalt or ivory. He does look like pastel yellowbelly, not sure on the enchi.

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Not quite. All babies would be yellowbelly, and some babies would be freeway. You wouldn’t get any normals, but you also wouldn’t get any ivories.