Quick question about buying

I messaged a seller about buying a group of lizards on Sunday.

Today (Tues) still no response.

Should I keep waiting or come to the conclusion if the seller is taking this long to respond, he may be unreliable?


this may just be me but if they are taking more than 24 hours to respond, I am turned off from wanting to buy from them. I would wait to see if you get a response though as there could have been a family emergency or something that would make the absence acceptable. In the meantime however I would still see if there are any others listed currently and inquire about them if they are what you are looking for.

Anyway, you owe us some updates lol. Did you end up getting the longnoses?


Yes! We did get the long noses and they are doing great! :heart:

Still feeding anoles, but hopefully we’ll switch them over.


What does their store page say their typical response time is? I find over 24 hours pretty unprofessional, but their store page might have a note that they’re out of town or something, in which case it’s more excuseable.


You should totally make a new thread on them! I would love to see how you are taking care of them and what not. They seem really cool!


I would definitely find that long of a response time to be a turn-off. That said, life happens and there are some perfectly valid reasons why someone might not get back to you quickly.

It might be worth checking the ad and the seller’s store page to see if they list a preferred way of communicating (for example, if they ask you to call/text a phone number, visit their website, use an email address, etc.), just to make sure you’re using a means of communication they’re actually checking.

It’s up to you how long you’re willing to wait.


Emergencies happen, but I personally would not appreciate that long a wait for some type of reply. If it were an animal I very specifically wanted, I’d message them again and request a followup within 24 hours. If I didn’t hear back after that, I would assume that I’m not going to hear. I would also contact MorphMarket staff to let them know.