Quiero iniciar en la reproduccion de pitones bolas

buenos días, me gustaría iniciar un criadero de pitones bolas, para su reproducción y venta, que especies me recomendarían para iniciar?

jajajaj aqui es solo ingles y pitones bola es una especie informante amigo antes de empezar

decías otras especies de serpientes?

sigo el canal de youtube de miguel garcía reptiles, lo conoces? me parece increíble lo
que hace y su negocio de reptiles, quisiera iniciar en eso , solo con pitones bolas

Hi while I can appreciate that we do have members from all over the world for whom english might not be the the first language, myself included, trying to post in english so everyone can take part in the conversation and to make it easier on the staff that does not have time to go back and forth and translate everything to make sure it does not violates our TOS would make it easier for everyone.

Thank you.


Good morning, I would like to start a breeding of ball pythons, for their reproduction and sale, what species (maybe morph) would you recommend to start?

hahaha here is just english and ball pythons is a kind informant friend before we start (basically ball pythons are all one species, not sure the rest)

I follow the youtube channel of miguel garcía reptiles, do you know him? I find it incredible what
What do you do and your reptile business, I would like to start with just ball pythons.

Google translate OP

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@anthonyg05 ¡bienvenidos! Hay innumerables transformaciones para elegir, pero generalmente es bueno comenzar con algo que amas. ¿Cuál es tu tipo favorito que has visto en el canal de Miguel?

welcome! There are countless morphs to choose from, but it is usually good to start with something you love. what are your favorite type that you have seen on Miguels channel?

Además, mi nombre es Anthony también


Btw he want start breeding bp and asked what species we should recommend him

And he wants to start breed like Always Evolving Pythons but he doesn’t know (I think how much money and work it needs to have that much good snakes

They would recommend me to start identifying the phases and the mutation system, I really don’t know anything, I know that the value of the horse is due to its phase but I don’t know how to identify them, I have been watching Miguel’s channel for weeks and I think it’s a good business , I also share that I like animals a lot, I am in the process of starting with chameleons, but I would also like to start at the same time with ball pythons

I trade forex and generate money through video games, I spend all day at home, I’m from Venezuela but I live in Mexico, I don’t have many friends and that’s why I spend a lot of time at home, since I have a lot of time available, I wanted start with this reptile, with chameleons and ball pythons, since I can keep everything in my house

@thecrawdfather you are my namesake haha

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I would like to first learn to identify the phases, according to that I can make some terrariums similar to those used by Miguel, I also want to know if the ball pythons are poisonous, since I would not like to have poisonous animals, I can tolerate that they do not disturb me more than that

I already contacted people who can be a provider of live food for my reptiles, I also know how much food I should give them.

but I think it’s great what Miguel really does, I’m delighted

I want to do this because I find it very interesting and I like animals and learning, but also one of the strongest reasons is for the profitability and profits of this monetarily

you shouldn’t start breeding only for money and to it became your all time work you have to know a lot things, investing a lot money, have something different from the others and of course some knowledge of the species you are breeding out morphs too

Money is huge part of any business including breeding ball pythons.

@anthonyg05 it sounds like you are in the beginning stages, planning is very important. I would take a period of time, whether that is some weeks or months, to research what morphs(mutations) you would like to focus on and have a good selling market (cough cough clowns and pieds), get an idea of how many starting animals you could afford and what space you will need to keep them.

There are many other good YouTube channels out there that have videos giving advice on the business side of things. Can you watch videos in English and understand what they are saying easily? I know some good sources to point you to but they are all in English since my espanol es no muy bueno jajaja

@anthonyg05 there is money to be made and a successful business can be built in ball pythons, but many people think it will be quick and easy. This is not true, it will take a lot of time and dedication to be able to turn a profit. And lots of planning.

Many, many people jump into the hobby and spend a bunch of money getting started but have no plan, and they don’t make it. Planning is super important