Rack Help and Questions

Thank you! I’m happy with how they turned out.

Aww yeah! That looks rock solid.

Here’s one of my self builds:

Did you end up finding some of the corrugated plastic or something else?

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Thank you man! Yours looks dope! I love how it looks flush and clean with everything

If I get better at routing I want to sort out how to get the dove tails in for the heat tape. At the moment it’s just 90 degrees. :\

Third time is a charm.

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I ended up using rigid foam panels I had laying around, can be a pain to open sometimes but I don’t mind. I love how big they are for my biggest girls! They are both around 4.5 feet and they seem to really like it.

@nathan_e , I really like yours!! If you hadn’t said they were home made I wouldn’t have believed it!

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Thank you very much! I haven’t built a rack before these but I have some experience in woodwork so it helped while making these

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