One day build: 8 x 41qt

I suck at hand routing.


It looks really good! What is that material and where did you get it?

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Cellular PVC. This was from a plastics distributor in my area but you can find similar material at home improvement stores like Home Depot, etc.


Awesome! Thanks! I’ll have to check it out!

What was the cost of the build?


Precut plastic ~240. You can technically get this cheaper from the brand at Home Depot, etc, provided the person cutting it uses sensible cutlist software and doesn’t do it by eye. I like this plastic more than the PVC siding they have, though. Melamine is cheaper, too, but I don’t like it.

Tubs were MSRP (6-10 each depending if you get them in a pack). If I didn’t already have 5 of these I would’ve picked up molded tubs from elsewhere.

Electronics I’d have to go add up. At the moment it’s just 4" tape being cycled on a single generic thermostat but each shelf has its own digital temperature sensor and relay that are going to be a whole other project. If I had to guess probably $110 in there so far.

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Wow that’s nuts.

What type of saw did you use?

No saw here. I ordered it precut. The only tool I used was a hand router for the tape and cord cuts.

Oh nice! What did it run cost wise? Home depot in my area will not cut pvc for some reason.

Around 240USD cut and packed.

They won’t cut cellular PVC siding? Weird. Maybe don’t mention PVC next time. The whole point of the cellular PVC is that it can be cut and shaped just like wood with the same tools and everything. If you do it yourself just start at a lower speed than wood. It’s pretty much the same.