Rack maker ID?

I got this rack locally in a package deal and it seems of high quality but I can’t find any info on the rack. I also could not find anything online like this. It is a 6 tub rack utilizing Vision 35-S tubs.

Half inch thick PVC, the top is cut to fit for stacking and the sides have cutouts for the shelves to be jointed in.

I thought from the pictures it was a VE-6 but when I went to get it, it clearly wasn’t.


It does look like a VE rack to me, could be an older design. VE, Reptile Basics, C Serpents, Animal Plastics all good and usually pretty flexible w interchangeable size bins. Great system, I love the 1/2" black pvcs especially for hatchlings & grow outs, I use ARS & Vision cb70s for adult breeders.


It might be. It’s definitely well built. The cutouts don’t line up with my VE-6 but it has the same side to side dimensions and sits on top perfect. I just added a pair of brackets and half inch screws on the back to help keep it stable. It’s rock solid now.