Rack size question!

I’m just curious!

We have a 15 tub, 6qt rack for hatchlings and its just a basic sort of set up that works to grow up.

But what is the harm in switching out say a row of 3 6qt tubs and putting 2 larger ones of the same height/depth? IS there any harm?


Hi! In my admittedly limited knowledge, I can say that I’ve done this before and it worked perfectly fine for me with no issues. I kept a separate hygrometer in the ones I switched out to compare it to the original sized tubs’ stats. I also checked with a temp gun to make sure my hygrometer was accurate in temp.

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One thing I forgot about. What is your heat source? I didn’t take that detail into account when answering you. I had a rack with belly heat tape, and because of the size difference of the tubs, I did have to make sure that the smaller bins I added had the appropriate proportion of heat tape for the bin size.

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If they fit and if you can get the temps correct, then there shouldn’t be an issue doing it. Some racks are made for several sizes and tubs can be changed out.