Rack sizes for hogs

Hey everyone!

So I’m in the process of deciding where I want to cut down on my ball python collection. This in turn is going to leave me with some empty rack space, and I’m thinking what other species I can invest in to breed and fill those spaces.

I’ve got 2 cserpents hatchling racks (6 qt tub size, 18 tubs each).
Then I’ve got 2 ve-6 racks with a mixture of the tub sizes, and 2 v70 racks.

Would those sizes be reasonable for hognoses? I know some of the hatchling stuff I’ve seen can go in smaller tubs than the 6qt, like the i10 tubs or whatever they are. I’m toying with the idea of getting a couple female hogs to raise up for planning to breed in a few years.


Those look good for hogs. I personally would use the V70s for adult females and possibly some adult males, and the VE-6 for adult males/juveniles. For hatchlings, I love the I-10 series rack (I haven’t bred, but I’ve used it for small snakes I’ve bought and it’s great). The large tubs in this rack have about the same footprint as 6qt tubs, and the smaller ones are half the width. I personally don’t know if the cserpents hatchling rack with 6qt tubs will be too big for hatchling hognoses, but someone else will hopefully give more information.


Could always just keep my cserpents racks for the few clutches of balls I want to produce, and get one of the i racks after a few years of raising the hogs.

I thought size wise I’d be fine, so that makes me feel a little better hearing that


@nswilkerson1 @erie-herps I am going to throw this in for my 2 cents worth. I really believe that 6 qt tubs are definitely too big for hatchling hoggies. I have a hoggie that is only a year old and he is snuggly in a 6 qt right now

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