Racks: looking for help fine tuning preparation for breeding

What are some of your favorite rack systems to use when breeding? I’ve seen the new fb racks and recently started looking into ARS. Trying to figure out what would be a cost effective way to keep new litters up to a few years depending if they’re able to sell or not. To keeping adults.
Was thinking FB- Reptile 66-6 for females/breeding
FB- Reptile 0824-80W for adult males
FB- Reptile 1155-10-5 for babies/sub adult?

I know there are some pvc racks. My only concern is a possible malfunction with the heat tape even if its recessed. At the same time I’m wanting to be prepared for the possibility of having multiple litters (if I’m lucky). Also would rather be over prepared for hold backs and animals for sale that are just waiting to be purchased.


For smaller tubs my favorite rack is the reptile basics VE6. Being able to use 3 different size tubs is so helpful. Also the enclosed design helps keep the temps stable.

I haven’t used prefab adult racks, but both ars and fb make really good products.

If you know where you’ll be housing your animals, heating the room or not, etc it can change up some decisions with what some people will suggest.


Room temp is normally about 74/75 i don’t let it drop below 70. I’ve got a ceiling fan in the room to help with air circulation. Average room humidity is roughly 50% can be higher if i adjust the humidifier.

Still currently raising up my boas for future pairings. So I’ve got them in animal plastics enclosures. So I’ve got time to plan everything out better. That way I’m not in a pinch with hold backs and animals for sale. I’d rather be a little over prepared than scrambling later on.


That’s a smart way to do it. Animal plastics enclosures are great for breeding Boas. What is the reason you want to switch over to a rack system? Just curious, I’ve been building racks myself for easier housing of more animals, I’m in the middle of building a fb90 rack for smaller adults.


Saving space and being able to house more. Have a good rotation and room to bring in new boas to some of my projects i have in mind.
If i can find a rack system that i can hold babies, juveniles up to a year or two. May cost me more to begin with. But in the long run would save me space and money. Without cutting corners and having the boas interest in mind


Freedom breeder is stainless steel while ARS is powder coated steel. I like ARS hybrid cages but the powder coating makes me think long term stainless would be better. Im going through the same debate so this is what Thomas Cobb brought up which is very valid.

The 6-66 is also the cage that Id say is a good size for first time females and beyond. Some will outgrow that, but not many.

As far as juveniles go I use cb/v-70 sized tubs for them.