Racks suitable for cornsnakes?

As some people here know I’m trying to start breeding more seriously - the problem I have is not much space and I’m trying to find racks, if they’re even suitable for cornsnakes. My breeding species will be corns, Hognose, Mourning Geckos & emerald tree skinks.

I’m hoping for advice on whether racking suitable for Corns & Hognose and if so whether anyone has any recommendations. Incidentally are palmetto corns particularly calm compared to other morphs? - because the two I have obtained recently like nothing more that sitting on my hand and watching YouTube :flushed:.

I’m not sure where to put this so if it’s in the wrong place feel free to move it. Thanks for any suggestions.

I’m also curious if anyone has found RUB or type boxes that’ll fit a 2ft 15" deep vivarium - because it strikes me that there would be a lot of people interested in the hobby - the 1.5l RUB is a few centimetres too long to fit.

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My wife and I are planning to upgrade our hognoses into a ARS 5040 when they get big enough. She was originally against a rack system as the majority of tubs are either a solid gray or opaque. But that rack system has an option for clear tubs which was a big selling point for us. I’m certain you can keep an average sized corn snake in there with no issues.


We’ve been using the ARS 5040 hybrid for our adult hognoses for a couple years now and love it. We plan to spring for the 7030 hybrid early next year; a 550 gram + female looks a bit too cramped for my liking in the 50 series tubs.

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Do they ship to, have an agent, in UK?

Hi, just wondering if they ship to UK because im having real problems finding anything useful over here that is any use for a small breeder/someone starting out.