Racks & Tubs

Hello all :raising_hand_woman:

I am looking to get feedback from people who already own racks. I’m looking for information on why you chose the rack you have, if you did it yourself, any pics of your setup, etc. Thought it would be an interesting topic since I know there are now a lot of rack companies popping up now.

Who do you like?
What racks do you have from them?
How is their pricing?
Anything you don’t like about them?
What about tubs? Do you like a certain tub? Why?
Did you build your own rack? Was it easy, fun?
If you have pics please share them!

Thank you!

Best rack company for beginners on a budget? CSerpents. I say this as a previous fan of Animal Plastics, but I was turned off by their economy sweaterbox racks because the tubs they build the racks for didn’t exist and I ended up having a rack that didn’t work great. It was a disappointment.

I avoid racks that have excessive wasted space. I won’t name names, but in general some of the floating-style tub racks are flimsy, don’t heat well, and aren’t efficient in terms of number of tubs per unit volume of rack.

The best advanced racks that also are prohibitively expensive for most folks? ARS and Freedom Breeder. I don’t own any Freedom Breeders but I love my ARS. Everything about it is built like a tank, and the economy versions allow easy transport because the levels come apart.

Style of rack and type of tub depends on the species you’re working with. I prefer Vision, ARS, or Freedom Breeder tubs. The Sterilite-type tubs are flimpsy in comparison.

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This is my setup. I have vision and reptile basics. I prefer the reptile basics. They are stackable and hold heat better. Both are nice but pricey. The reptile basics also can hold different size tubes in the v2 racks.


My rack was actually just a DIY I bought off a guy who was selling it for cheap. I did replace the backing, but it’s just good old wood and screws! He had it for ten years and it’s still sturdy. The only downside is that it’s pretty heavy and not the best for a quick “I wanna move everything in this room around.” It’s paired with sterilite tubs and a HerpStat 2 as there are two zones to compensate for the temperature shift in height. I might move to a shorter cluster of racks instead of one tall one some day (I’m a bit short, haha) but for now this works.