Raffle open to all to support bryan and the legacy aquarium

Gavin of Balls2U over this side of the pond in the UK has started a huge fundraiser for Bryan and his legacy Aquarium!

The raffle is open to all and more information can be found on Gavin’s latest Instagram Live.

one of the top prizes is $5000 store credit with Ozzy Boids! let’s go get involved

more info


Head over to Gavin’s Instagram, support a great cause, and one of the prizes is a $5000 YES $ NOT £ voucher to spend with the one and only OZZY BOIDS!


I absolutely love the idea of garnering support for Brian and The Legacy. It’s wonderful seeing everyone work together for it.

That being said…
This is treading on the fine line of illegal gambling (at least in the US) and may actually be considered an issue on insta and elsewhere because you are paying the fee into a game of chance.

Please be careful and check with guidelines ahead of time! This is something that may need to be run from Gavin or Ozzy’s own site with minimal mention of the way things are being run outside of ‘fundraising’ to avoid the issue.