Rainbow Albino Ball Python?


I guess it probably looked as a question. :laughing:
Sorry for that. :sweat_smile:

I’m basically in simple words of the same opinion as you, regarding Rainbow not being allelic with albino or candy. :wink:



I’m quite a bit late to this but I just wanted to point out that the pictures @reneesreptiles posted and the ones @t_h_wyman was referencing about the adults being a different color are NOT rainbow animals. OTB Reptiles was working with what he thought was rainbow and ended up with an entirely separate mutation instead, that is not rainbow and has a significant ontogenic changes.

So to recap, rainbow is a mutation that looks very similar to candy/toffee as adults. The other ones posted by OTB with darker, more monarch-looking color are a separate mutation entirely. Rainbows grow & age very similar to toffee/candy.


Very interesting, thanks for pointing that out! Do you know what OTB has been calling this new mutation? I knew that he was trying to figure out what was going on with the gene, but I didn’t know that he finally figured it out.


I have an update about my pos het Rainbow female. I bred her to a Super Enchi dbl het Rainbow Hypo male, but I only got 3 eggs and none of them were Rainbows. I’ll try to pair him to her one more time, but I’m losing hope that she’ll prove out. Even if she is het Rainbow and I just got unlucky (yes, I know that it’s a 1 in 4 chance, so technically it was more likely to not get a visual with only 3 eggs), she lays small clutches. I got a 4 egg clutch in 2021 and only a 3 egg clutch this year, so I’ll more than likely retire her after this last try even if she does give me a visual Rainbow.


Thank you for this @inspirationexotics, I had not heard this new development. I also thank you for the polite and civilized manner by which you brought the information forward. It is greatly appreciated! :+1:t4: :+1:t4: :grin:


I don’t believe he has named it yet, but he was providing pretty regular updates on his instagram throughout last year! I’m guessing he will continue doing this.


He just posted an update yesterday. He’s calling it Mimic.


I saw that! It’s so weird how we were just talking about it and now he posted that. :joy:

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