Rainwater albino combo morph question

Does anybody know if anyone out there has produced the Rainwater equivalent of the Diablo Blanco (Tremper)/White Knight (Bell)? So, RW albino + eclipse + blizzard? I’ve seen Cyclones (Rainwater + eclipse + patternless), but no Rainwater + eclipse + blizzard.

I was thinking it would be a cool project to pursue for someone out there. I may not be able to breed leos after this season, but it sure is tempting to think about! (Side note: I’d also love to work with carrot tails, and black nights, and bold stripes, and, well, I could go on and on. :relaxed: )

I’ve seen both the ‘pure white’ approach and the ‘banana body’ approach to White Knights and Diablo Blancos, and I think both are very cool. I have a longstanding pet interest in selective breeding, so I’d love to see what kind of offspring that approach would yield (selecting for either more yellow or less yellow). I’d also love to see the ‘pure white-RW + eclipse + blizzard’ version combined with Mack snow, to see how it compares to Snow White Knights + Snow Diablo Blancos.

For that matter, has anyone produced any Tremper or Bell versions of the Cyclone? (albino + eclipse + patternless)

-edit- Just realized that Tremper + Eclipse + patternless = Ember. :woman_facepalming:

Or, since I’m thinking about leo breeding projects, is anyone working specifically with the goal of 100% carrot tail? I see many many tangerine projects, but there doesn’t seem to have been much progress lately in terms of producing full carrot tails that pass on the trait, or is it just me?

Yes it’s been done. It looks just like the Diablo and the white knight. It’s a whiteish gecko with red eyes. The snow version has been done too again looks just like the other 2.
As for the 100% carrot tail it’s been done as well. The reason you don’t see it often is it’s crazy hard to do and not really worth the effort. Made a few 80% carrot tails and kinda got bored and never tried for more. Took 7 generations to get to 80%.

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