Random question for the breeders

Do any of you think that smaller snakes that are bred take longer to produce eggs after ovulation because they have less fat stored? This was a random thing I thought about and wanted to see if anyone knew the answer

This topic was discussed pretty extensively in this thread

How Early Can Young Female Ball Pythons Breed?

I know how early they can breed I was wondering if maybe the younger females take 50 days to lay after ovulation while maybe the bigger ones take around 30 days

I’m not positive, but I assume that they take the same amount of time. A smaller snake might produce smaller/fewer eggs, but I doubt it would take longer. If the female thinks it’s necessary, it can always re-absorb follicles.

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My experience with non ball pythons is as erie says.
Regardless of size if they do not have enough fat reserves then they will not produce.
If they are on the small side but old enough and have enough fat reserves, then usually less and/or smaller eggs.

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