Rapid Weight Loss

So I got this guy at the beginning of September this year, in at 1092g. He has yet to eat for me, but my males tend to go on strike around this time for a month or so anyway, and that combined with the fact he hasn’t been here long seemed run of the mill for me. However, today when I weighed him he clocked in at 950g. He also has a slight wobble/tremor to his head and sometimes whips around a bit fast at a spin as a spider might, but I see no evidence of the gene present in his pattern, unless he’s got spotnose or HGW tucked away in there somewhere. No RI, passing urates, and shed fine earlier. Due to personal health issues I’ve only been able to do the necessities the last month or so, cleaning, feeding, watering etc, and haven’t really handled any animal in my collection so it’s definitely my fault this slipped by me. Just wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts.

First photo is him when he got here, other photos are now.

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He looks a bit overweight so I don’t think it’s a huge problem yet. However there is the potential for parasites which could be worth a vet visit if you’re worried about it. It’s likely not parasites though, do you have a picture of the enclosure along with temps and humidity?

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Temp is currently at 89 with a dip to 85 at night, humidity 60%. He’s in a C Serpents V-70 with a hide and bowl, though he won’t use the hide.

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That seems good, unless the snake was in a tank before you bought him. It seems that snakes do best put in the same style enclosure as what they were in before. How have you tried feeding? Have you tried different foods, sizes, species, live, scented, or what time he’s fed?

He came from a larger facility, sheet that came with him said he was in a rack, blackout tub. Maybe he doesn’t like opaque lol. Also was on live small rats, but wouldn’t take a live or f/t one. Previously only had a water bowl in the tub.

Additionally, I’ve only fed at night when everyone is most active. Could probably try changing that up.

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If the 89/85 temps are your cool side/ambient temps I think it’s a little warm. I shoot for 80-82 on the cool side and around 88 on the hot side.

In a big 70 series tub I’d provide two hides, one on the cool side and one on the hot side. He may be avoiding the hide because he is a little too warm.

Sometimes a change of environment can spark them to go back on feed. Substrate change, addition of a hide, or going through a shed cycle, may help.

I wouldn’t be too concerned though because he appears to be a healthy weight.


Oh, those are the hot side temps, should’ve clarified!

His last home had no hides so I wonder if he just hasn’t figured those out yet, won’t use em yet.