*RARE* Whiteout Amel Fat Tail Hatchlings!

Thought to be fatal for many years but recently produced by a few great breeders within the last 3-4 years I figured it was time to try myself! I got lucky and hit two nice examples!

Enjoy and thanks for looking. :slight_smile:


Congratulations :slight_smile: I don’t know much about fat tail morphs, what was it about them that made people think they were a fatal combination?

People kept shooting for them and either they never hatched or died. But until recently people have gotten success. Many factors I’m sure!

Hello,hellfire_exotics. This is nice morph gecko!
Is this super whiteout? Is them parents whiteout and whiteout?!

There is no super Whiteout, it is double lethal.

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No, these are aberrant whiteout amels. Super whiteouts do exist but die during incubation / when hatching.


Thank you for your reply!

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Congratulations on those hatchlings. They look awesome. Any update pics?

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Would love to see some new pictures of them!


Second the pictures!
In a couple years I’ll be producing whiteout amels so would love to see them now! :heart_eyes:

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I believe the combination together is usually fatal. It’s similar to super black pastel in ball pythons if you wanted to research it. I would try to avoid that pairing.

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There’s quite a few breeders now who have done this pairing and it’s proven fine? Been breeding them for years? I’ve seen a lot on online of adults, who are breeding and no problems also.
I don’t have Facebook but there’s a breeder on there with some lovely ones (Can just see a few images) came up when searching for the mix of the 2 together. I’ve done a lot of reading etc and not found any issues so would be good if this is true someone can send me links?
As the breeders I’ve found online in America haven’t had an issues breeding them together.
Strange one! Any links appreciated though! :blush:

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I’m actually not sure then, I just assumed from the title that it was typically lethal. I’m going to do some research now.