*RARE* Whiteout Amel Fat Tail Hatchlings!

Thought to be fatal for many years but recently produced by a few great breeders within the last 3-4 years I figured it was time to try myself! I got lucky and hit two nice examples!

Enjoy and thanks for looking. :slight_smile:


Congratulations :slight_smile: I don’t know much about fat tail morphs, what was it about them that made people think they were a fatal combination?

People kept shooting for them and either they never hatched or died. But until recently people have gotten success. Many factors I’m sure!

Hello,hellfire_exotics. This is nice morph gecko!
Is this super whiteout? Is them parents whiteout and whiteout?!

There is no super Whiteout, it is double lethal.

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No, these are aberrant whiteout amels. Super whiteouts do exist but die during incubation / when hatching.


Thank you for your reply!

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Congratulations on those hatchlings. They look awesome. Any update pics?

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Would love to see some new pictures of them!