Rate seller even though snake was purchased offsite

Hey there!

I recently purchased a snake I had bookmarked on here, however the entire transaction took place at a reptile show instead of on MM. I’ve been trying to figure out if/how I can leave them a positive feedback, especially since they do not have any ratings at all yet.
I also already deleted the saved posting so I can’t just send them a message and be all “Hey, mark this as sold to me please!”

Is there any way I can still easily rate them?
Or will this be a case of “Please relist the snake and then mark it as sold to me”?


I had this issue also with my boy I got recently. I spoke to the breeder through another site then text. Then found on MM and really wanted to leave feedback as I was so pleased but he took off as soon as I collected. I did message to say if you want to list him again and mark as sold to me I’d love to leave feedback but he never did.

This time with my bamboo I’m going to ask him to list her up and I’ll leave feedback, as we are talking through an old ad of a bamboo I was going to have that ended up male. Really want to leave feedback for people! :sweat_smile:


I’ve done that too. Purchased elsewhere, had a nice transaction and told the seller I would love to leave them positive feedback on MorphMarket , but so far no one has taken me up on the offer! :woman_shrugging:


In order for the MorphMarket rating system to be used, the transaction needs to have been initiated through the “Inquire to Buy” button. That creates an email chain and a record of it on your MorphMarket Message page.

If the transaction is done 100% through your texts or FB messages or at a expo, there’s no way to leave a MM Rating, even if it was an MM ad they were looking at.

We have this limitation for the purpose of increasing the authenticity of ratings. The more that happens outside of our system the less we know about it, which makes it difficult for us to monitor ratings and know they are genuine and not faked.

This is what’s explained in our help on this exact topic:

How can I leave or receive a rating for a purchase made outside the inquiry system?

We realize that sometimes buyers find ads on MorphMarket and contact the sellers directly via text or Facebook or whatever. Unfortunately, only transactions that involve a MorphMarket inquiry are eligible for ratings on our site. The reason is that we have no visibility into such transactions. This makes an already difficult problem of quality control completely impossible.

There is one workaround you can use, but it takes more effort on yours and the sellers part. Simply direct them to go on our site to relist the animal and when they do you can click the “inquire” button on this ad, with whatever message you want, e.g., “already bought this”.

Once that inquiry is sent, everything just works. (That is they can mark it sold, or you can click use the “rate this” method to initiate the rating). Read about those in our docs.

In summary, you can still inquire “after the fact”. It’s an extra step but in reality should only take you 30 seconds.