Reasonable Crested Gecko Pricing?

I’ve been debating back and forth for awhile now on whether or not to sell off my geckos. I have odd allergic reactions to them, though their habitats are always kept clean. My only question is, how in the WORLD does one price a crested gecko? I’ve gone through dozens of ads, but there are so many variations I’ve been unable to find a good base. I have two females that were given to me awhile ago, both about 4 years of age. Honeypot (yellow) is currently 40g after dropping infertiles, and Sleepy (red) topped out at 46g today. Both have full tails. (Apologies for the partial body photos; chose what showed most of their backs in good lighting).

I’ve never been sure of their morphs, as they seem to be a bit muddled, but both are just gorgeous and I wouldn’t want to accidentally price them unreasonably. Might anyone have suggestions on what to base a price off of?

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There is a lot that goes into pricing crested geckos, age, weight, sex, mutation.

Some are more in demand than others reds, pinstripe, harleys, dalmatian.

If you could take pictures of them outside their cage on a flat surface and closer up that would help.

Females especially at that size should be easy to sell.


Beautiful Geckos

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What kind of allergies do you get, I am curious I also have allergies. So far I haven’t reacted to my crestie but for the future you never know, thanks.

It’s nothing too severe, but when they use their claws to walk over my skin I tend to get hives! They’re just itchy and a little obnoxious.

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