Recessive Traits

Im still trying to figure out Recessive traits and when I think I understand read something completely different. I was wondering if someone could help clear it up?

The way I understand is…
I know you need two copies in order to get a visual.
If one parent is a visual and the other is not, the offspring will be 100% Het.
If both parents are Het then 1/4 of the babies will be visual but 3/4 of them will be 66% Het. Which basically means there is a 66% chance they are Het to begin with.
then of course 100% het with normal will give you all 50% Het so they all have 50 50 chance of being het.

Another thing that has really confused me is the Candino. I picked one up and is very beautiful and I was under the assumption I could breed him to get 100% double het albino and candy but after reading about it that seems like a no go. Morph Markets calculator doesn’t help right now as it doesn’t calculate visuals yet it says, and World of Ball Pythons(I know its outdated) doesn’t allow genes from the same complex.
From what I understand breeding a Candino with a normal with get you 100% het either Candy or Albino, but of course their Hets so you don’t know lol.

This is wat I found online not sure if this is how its suppose to be and if this works with other complex’s as well.

Candino with a normal: 100% of the babies will be het candy or het albino. There will be no candy, albino, or Candino offspring.
Candino with a het albino: 25% of the offspring will be albino, 50% will be het albino or candy, and 25% will be Candino.
Candino with a het candy: 25% of the offspring will be candy, 50% will be het albino or candy, and 25% will be Candino.
Candino with an albino: 50% of the offspring will be albino, and 50% will be Candino. The same applies to candy ball pythons.
Candino with a Candino: 25% of the offspring will be albino, 25% will be candy, and 50% will be Candino.

I’m not looking to master recessive genes but I still want to understand the ones I want to work with. If any of this is wrong or right please let me know, and any suggestions on where to read up more on them would be much appreciated as I’m always spending spare time reading up on what I can.

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Try thinking of recessives in terms of supers. A super enchi will have all the offspring be enchi (an albino will have all het albinos). For candino, think of an allelic combo like lesser mojave. All the offspring will be either lesser or mojave (het albino or het candy)


I like that idea!

So I could breed an Albino to a Candy and produce Candino? I think I did read about that somewhere.
I know you can to an extent interbreed(or at least what I’ve read) but what would be better to breed offspring back to the male or sibling to sibling. I want to make sure they are going to turn out healthy.


Yep! And all the offspring will be candinos