Reciprocated Ratings Percentage

We’ve just added a new metric to ratings called Reciprocated Ratings Percentage.

MorphMarket’s rating system is bidirectional. That means, both buyers and sellers can receive ratings. In a transaction, not only do you get money or an animal, but you can also get a rating that will increase your reputation and confidence to others doing business with you in the future.

When you receive a rating, it’s courteous to reciprocate and leave a rating for the other party as well. To reward those taking the time to rate each other, we’ve introduced this new metric.

This value shows the percentage of times when a party has received a public rating that they have rated the other party back in the last 90 days. It is now displayed on a store or user’s ratings page.

If you haven’t been reciprocating 100%, you can easily fix this. Just go down the list of ratings that you have received and click the “Rate Back” button. You can even be the first one to rate the other by clicking “Rate This” button on items in the different tabs.

Since launching the ratings system early this year, we have accumulated thousands of your valuable feedback on each other. Thank you for taking the time to help build up and inform others in our community!

Let us know what you think about this below…


Is “Reciprocated Ratings” a good name, or is it too big? If you have a better idea let me know.
I’m not sure “Rate Back Percentage” is better.

I like reciprocated.

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Maybe “Return Ratings” would be shorter?

I don’t hate Reciprocated Ratings though, it’s very obvious what it means just by reading it which is always nice.

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Reciprocated ratings works for me