Recommendation for pairing Spied and Banana Pied

i currently have two males one spied and one banana pied.
anyone have specific recommendations as to the perfect females for him???

any advise would be appreciated.

Spieds don’t have a lot of pattern, so he would probably be best paired with a color morph. If you wanted immediate results, pair him with a banana pied or banana het pied. If you’re willing to wait a generation to get the total combo, pair him with a recessive color morph pied such as an albino pied or axanthic pied. Axanthic pieds are still pretty pricey, but albino pieds have become much more affordable.

The sky is the limit with your banana pied. I would pair him with a pied or het pied that has one or more color and pattern enhancing co-dom/dom genes, such as yellowbelly, enchi, orange dream, pastel, or leopard. A mahogany het pied wouldn’t be too expensive, and I’m pretty sure the banana mahogany pied hasn’t been produced yet. Or you could pair him with another banana pied or banana het pied to make super banana pieds!


I love spieds. I have a 99% high white spied that has only a tiny hair piece on his head. I named him trump cause of it :joy::joy:. For the spied I’d go the enchi route. Enchi will add more pattern back to a high white animal. Pinstripe will as well. Wanna get creative see what black head spider pieds look like. I don’t know if they been produced yet though … anything you hatch out that is black head spider will not wobble. As for banana the only banana combo I’m a fan of is a banana cinnamon. I love the purple that combo brings. So stunning. Anything else banana I really don’t like. I hate their black freckles they get. Always makes me think they are dirty or have ticks on them, but I’m ocd like that.


:joy::joy::joy: do you have a picture of Trump?

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I agree with @westridge about the banana pied with the sky being the limit. I would also pair him with a pied or het pied. A super banana pied would be cool imo :ok_hand:

I do lol. Here he is hair piece intact :joy::joy::joy:


That is absolutely brilliant, it even leans to the side a little :joy::joy:

“In this enclosure I see big changes coming, big ones. Better changes than the other people’s changes, the best changes.”

Such a cute little face :blush:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Soon as I saw him pip I knew I had a Trump on my hand. His little comb over was the first thing I saw, and it had me giggling up a storm. I had to keep him. If I ever got out of keeping and breeding he would be a forever pet. I’m not supposed to have favorites… but he is definitely my favorite animal in my collection.

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I can see why he had you in stitches, it’s got to be rare hatching a president from a egg. I bet he is a real conversation starter, and one that will never run out of jokes to go with it. Don’t worry, I won’t tell the others he’s your favourite😁

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