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Hi All – My friend is a super enthusiastic new snake owner. My friends and I want to get him a present for his 2 yr work anniversary that is related to his new passion, but don’t want to get him a new animal (new responsibility!). Is there anything that you could recommend or wish that you had gotten as a new owner? Thanks!


I feel like a good quality thermostat would always be an appreciated gift


Welcome to the community @ceeceebee

I can honestly say this is one of the nicest posts I have seen in a while. You have put in enough thought to realise that you just don’t know and joined a forum for help… You are a amazing friend.

What species of snake do they currently have?

Honestly, it won’t sound exciting or amaizing, but if your friends snake eats frozen thawed rodents, a bulk purchase (if they have the freezer room) would be a life saver.
You will have to discuss with them the correct sizes and rodent type (mouse/rat/multi) but you could probably wiggle that out in a random conversation…

“Hey, I was just telling my brother about your snake, what does it eat?” …

Also a nice idea would be a quality thermostat. Even if they already have one, having a spare is a literal life saver if the original goes bust while money is short.


A digital temperature and humidity gauged is a nice little gift that wont break the bank. Not sure your budget but as others have said thermostat is great or even some bedding that matches what they use coco or aspen as was mentioned you could find this out in a random conversation. I’m sure they will love whatever you get them good luck on your search.


Like @eaglereptiles said this is a great post and you’re a great person for putting so much thought into this. I also think a good thermostat even as a backup is always a good gift. Some other ideas I have are: Infrared thermometer, digital thermometer/hygrometer, maybe something they want and have space for but don’t need and aren’t planning to buy because of cost if you can discreetly find that out(eg. freezer dedicated to rodents), and also bedding.


A gift certificate from a favorite source of supplies?


If you want something on the practical side, I’d second the nice thermostat or gift card suggestions. I think some frozen food online retailers also offer gift cards; that would be neat so they could choose exactly what size and quantity they need as the snake grows.

If you want something on the fun or whimsical side, maybe a really fun hide, piece of decor, or background for their snake’s enclosure? You’d have to take a look at the size of the enclosure and what they already have in it, and of course make sure it’s snake safe, but I know I always look longingly at the cool naturalistic hides at pet stores before my wallet gets the better of me.

Ooh! Or maybe a nameplate or sign for the tank? That could be on the cheaper side, a really well decorated piece of paper, laminated, with some Velcro tape would be effective. Or go nuts with an actual sign lol.


Like @eaglereptiles said, it’s wonderful to hear about an individual doing something nice and taking the time to find a useful gift and put thought and meaning into the gift. That is incredible and should be acknowledged greatly. Kudos to you!!

When it comes to gifts I think there are a few factors that you need to consider…
*When it comes to feeders, I don’t think it’s the best idea to just do a bulk purchase for your friend. What if they don’t have the freezer space, or what if they recently made a bulk purchase. Now the feeders may go bad and get freezer burn because they cant be fed off quickly enough. I would suggest getting a gift card through a frozen feeder vendor or one of those universal American Express gift cards and they can make their purchase for feeders or supplies when ready.

*Some suggest thermostat and that’s a great idea as well however they can be pricey, so since your budget is unknown I would like to make multiple suggestions that range in budget, and you can make the decision based on your finances and based on how well you know your friend and what your friend would like/need.

This list is in no particular order just suggestions. You may also make a small basket with multiple small gifts as well.

*digital thermometer
*humidity gauges
*mug with their favorite reptile on it or custom image/message
*reptile T-shirt or custom reptile themed T-shirt
*favorite frame reptile poster
*reptile phone case or keychain
*snake print watch band or snake print anything
*3d enclosure backgrounds
*enclosure accessories/supplies (hides, wood, bowls, etc)
*cleaning/sanitary supplies/gloves
*extra UVB bulbs (they have to get replaced every few months and the cost adds up over time for reptile keepers)
*new screen tops if theirs is ripped or warped or damaged in any way
*scale to monitor reptiles weight
*smart plugs wall outlets so they can control their lights either by voice activation or cell phone app
*any apparel from their favorite breeder/youtuber/dream reptile/etc
*hand sanitizer
*due to covid: prepurchase their reptile expo admission ticket
*depending on how many reptiles they own, maybe a reptile keeper app or software

Feel free to be creative. You can purchase commercially available gifts and you can also make some homemade gifts like paintings, photobooks, signs, etc

No matter what you decide and choose, I’m confident that your friend will be more than happy and value the thought behind the gift and your mission in getting the right gift


Gift card, quality thermostat as already mentioned, maybe a cool art piece that is reptile/snake related? Either way I don’t think you can go wrong with whatever option you choose to go with. Its the thought that counts more than anything IMO.


Put another vote under thermostat. Many new snake owners dont get them because they dont realize how important they are, it would either be a spare, or a huge help towards the safety of their animal (to clarify, a thermostat turns the heat source on and off as required to maintain a temperature you set, a thermometer only monitors it, but if something happens while you are gone, it may be too late. Many people only get the thermometer so they can get the temp where they want it but forget electricity and insulation can be finicky, and overtemping is a real danger when not home)

Edit: there are some really good ones out there, but they can get pricy. I am currently using this ( ) for my setups and it has been working perfectly. Easy to set up and none of the 7 i have set up have failed me yet. Actually saved me from an overtemp after i set up my insulating curtains for my snake room. It says “heat mats” but the concept is that if the temp goes too high it cuts power, when temp goes a degree or two lower, it turns it back on. So it works fine with ceramic heat bulbs too, which is what mines hooked up to.


I use a similar thermostat for single enclosures, IPower. However, for anything larger or long term I want a thermostat that offers proportional power settings and has an emergency off if thing go south and get too hot. Spider robotics makes a nice line of herpstats that would make a wonderful gift. A nice snake hook could be fun or a whimsical plushy of your friends favorite reptile.

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Personally I life what @xamier had said about the plushy. I would also say that a good solid brand of feeding tongs would be a good gift for people with larger constrictors (or anyone actually)