Recommended silicone sealant brands?

I’m looking for a good brand of silicone safe for reptiles(specifically snakes) so I can close up a few ventilation holes that are unneeded and cause humidity loss.

I’m unfamiliar with what brands are best and thought I’d ask here to see. I would like it to be listed on Amazon but any online ordering or common pet stores(I only live near petco/petsmart) will work.

Thank you in advance for your help!


I think anything that’s sold for aquariums should do just fine. If it’s safe for fish, it’s typically safe for reptiles.

Though do be aware that silicone is only safe after it’s fully dry, since it will off-gas while it’s drying.


Yeah as mentioned anything for aquariums.
I think anything considered food safe for human or 100% pure silicone works as well.

What you don’t want is any extra additives for ‘quick cure’ or any other type of protection after it cures. That’s where things get dangerous for reptiles and fish.

It can take up to 3 days for everything to cure and off gas well enough on a thin application. Anything too thick and it can take a lot longer for the underlayer to cure.

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