Recommended Water Dishes for I80 Tubs?

Hey, all!

Being a hognose breeder, we use the I80 tubs for very young babies to help them get established. At the moment, we use delicups as their water dish, but some eager hoggies have a tendency to knock the water over and make a huge mess!

Any recommendations on a water dish that is small enough to fit inside the tub but not get knocked over so easily?

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For something disposable, I’m not sure. But if you’re open to something reusable (and therefore more expensive), they make all sorts of little bowls and dishes for rodents and other small mammals that would probably be a workable size. Many are ceramic, and are therefore much heavier and harder to tip over. Some also have wider bases to make them even more sturdy.

They also make small rodent bowls that are designed to be secured to the bars of a rodent cage. You could drill or burn a hole into the side of the tub and attach the bowl to the inside of the tub that way.

My chinchilla loves to knock things over and move them around, so I’ve become well acquainted with these sorts of products. :joy:


I don’t mind reusable, as I can just clean the stuff up. I’ve been experimenting with small glass dishes with a flat base and those seem to be working so far. I’ll definitely check out some rodent dishes that could work! Thanks for the suggestion!