Red gene smoke show (clutch results)

Wow love the bottom right. a lot. :fire: are you planning on selling these? A good friend of mine is looking for a pretty pied to pair to her lavender albino and start her ball Python breeding adventure. Good luck, may the BP goods be in your favor! :joy:

I sold that clutch pretty quickly lol. I still have the female in the upper left corner.

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I can see what my friend says of that one, I’ll get back to you later. Thanks!

Do know her id?

She is staying with me lol she’s a holdback

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Oh, so sorry! Didn’t mean to seem rude. I apologize.

Not at all lol I probably should of stated at first she was a holdback lol.

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Nope, my fault. Sorry again. She is an stunner. What are you working towards with her?

My end goal is gcr axanthic hypo pied. So it’s a matter of tying the three together. I have visuals of all 3 genes. In the process of trying to prove out some possible het stuff I’ve produced. So in about 12 years should hatch my first one lol.

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Wow! That is a pretty sweet end goal! That will look awesome :fire:

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Four of 6 have shed


Looking good Shaun.

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Thank you! Much appreciated!

Second one is my fav I think!
They looking amazing :grin:


Second to last is gorgeous!


Pewter red gene ringer gene pos het clown pos het hypo. If it’s female I’m going to probably keep it.

Thank you!!!

And I read that wrong second one is super blast red gene! Second to last is the pewter lol and the whole clutch is possible het clown and hypo lol


Waiting on one more to shed! Sexing these guys/gals this weekend. Plan is to hold back a female or 2 with the red gene and add it to my hgw project and make red gene soul suckers and infernos!

And final verdict is two super blasts, one lemon blast, one super pastel red gene, one pewter red gene, and one pewter pin(originally thought was a sterling)

I’m not sure yet which of the pin combos contain red/ringer for sure. Will be getting a second and third opinion on them when I get them sexed.