Red in balls

what are the best morphs to add/enhance red color in ball pythons?

Sunset has the most unique tones that slant towards the red spectrum but I certainly wouldn’t call it “red”. I think ball python breeders often have a habit of describing colors they want to see rather than what they actually are. I’m skeptical ball pythons have the genetic potential to produce red pigment given what we’ve seen so far but, again, the closest single gene mutation is probably sunset. Oranges/Yellows we can hit hard but red, not so much.


Balls do not have the genetic pathway for erythrin synthesis so we will never see actual red in them. The “red” that so many people try to point out comes from the interaction of xanthin and melanin pigments interacting to create an umber unertone.

The closest we will get to red is by deepening the yellows into the orange range. Best morphs for that are combinations involving OD, YB complex, Enchi, and a couple other “saturation”/"concentration-type mutations.


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