Red light night photos

Here are a couple pictures of my 2 big girls. I installed puck lights above each of my enclosure. The lights can be dimmed or brighten ed has 4 color selections and comes with a remote.

Arachnids cannot see red spectrum so they are unaffected by the red lights ( others they don’t like and will run and hide)

The downside to red lighting is some detail is lost plus i don’t have a great camera so its hard to get a picture without a flash which is not good for them. I do enjoying sitting by their enclosures at night and i turn out my lamp and just turn on the puck lights i can watch them go about the tank without them being bothered.

Here is 2 pictures with red lighting.


How big are these "big girls? "


Its hard to measure because i don’t like to stress them out and a risk of getting stung increases the more irritated they get.

chelicerae ( mouth ) to the tip of the aculeus ( stinger ) id estimate at about 4" to 5" this is not 100% accurate and im just sorta guesstimating here. Id probably need an assistant to measure while i immobilize the metasoma ( the tail ) to me id rather not take a risk or stress my scorpions. Pretty much the only interaction i have is if i need to clean or something, to feed them or im watching them at night with the red lights. Its interesting to watch them at night hunting, while they have poor eyesight they do have excellent hearing. Scorpions have a sensory organ underneath them called pectins that have comb like structures on them that pick up vibrations as well as smells and they are able to tell the direction and other usefulinformation. They also have Sensillae ( sensory hairs ) all over their body that are very sensitive to touch.

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The estimate is fine by me, that’s all I was really asking. I’m not well-versed in scorpions. Though I do know that they come in various sizes, the name of the species doesn’t tell me what size they are. (I know that is enough for others who know more than me.) Thanks!

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