Red sided garter snake-where can I get one?

Hi, I am from Slovakia and I am looking for affordable garter snake but I cannot find one. I found some fb groups but I don’t really trust them. I would really like a begginer snakes that I could house together. Please let me know if you know about a breeder that would be able to deliver a garter to my country. Thank you.

Even here in the U.S. the red-sided garters are around $350 for a single snake. The red-sided garters are rather rare and the only breeders I have seen on MM that have them don’t deliver to Europe. Even if they did it would cost a fortune.

My best recommendation is to look on the morphmarket map and see where there are breeders local to you and contact them. The morphmarket map is very easy to navigate so it shouldn’t give you any problems


Didn’t know that, sorry😅 I just want a garter or any other snakes I could house together. I wanted a ball python because we are moving to a new house and my father had aquarium built and above aquarium there will be a snake enclosure. But as I was asking around I found out that ball pythons doesn’t really like big enclosure and I do not want to get something too big so I just want multiple. The enclosure is 2mx0,5mx1m.