Red Stripe Yellowbelly clutch ID opinions?

Really excited about this pairing results and looking for opinions especially on which got Red Stripe and which got Yellowbelly or both.

GHI Hypo x Pastel Red Stripe Yellowbelly
(they’re all het Hypo)

@semper_reptiles really got me interested in going the less-explored Hypo route with my Red Stripe project instead of going clown. #6 is definitely a holdback in my RS Hypo project.






  1. Pastel possible YB (need better belly and lateral pics)
  2. Pastel YB
  3. Pastel RedStripe YB
  4. GHI RedStripe
  5. GHI Pastel RedStripe
  6. GHI Pastel RedStripe YB

Just wanted to say these are super nice! I love the blushing on the ghi combos! Quality quality hatchlings!


Incredibly happy with this clutch overall as well, plus hitting the full stack of genes for a holdback. Definitely lucked out on this one.

Thanks a ton for your input!

I’ll get some more pictures of #1 soon.

I’m curious to hear what is tipping you off for RS in 4 & 5 since I was doubting myself on those. I was also wondering if there is some possible effect from het hypo making it more difficult to tell.

For a reference here’s a photo of the GHI Hypo sire back when I bought him as a hatchling. He is on the right and his brother on the left.

Part of it is just familiarity with RS, there is a “tone” to them that you start to pick up on when you work with them.

Aside from that, GHI, by and large, tend to be more banded than striped but they are strongly influenced by striping morphs. So the strong dorsal patterning on both 4 and 5 is an indicator. RS also tends toward blockier, broader, more regular alien heads. That trait is more obvious in animal 4, but you can see it on animal 5 as well on the front quarter of the animal


Nope, the het Hypo status does not really play a role


More coming soon! I made world’s first RS Mojo Hypos this year and Matt Yates has a clutch right now from a RS Firefly Het Hypo he got from me. I only know of RS Black Pastel Hypo and RS Lesser/Butter Hypo being made. Someone else says they know someone who has produced others, but they won’t share pictures or even the person’s name. GHI RS Hypo is on the agenda for this year!