Redline: A New Way to Ship

I am glad you can ship those snakes! I actually used them last week. Just a baby pied ball python, but everything was great! With the discount, cheaper then any other place as well!

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That is awesome news!!! Awww, love look of Ball Pythons:)

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So if they do not allow venomous snakes ( id assume reptiles as well ) would that also pertain to venomous/medically significant inverts as well?

Not that i do any shipping since im not a seller but someone might want ro know.

Just thought I’d chime in here.
Being a newer seller, most of my hatchlings I had dealt with locally only. I decided I would give redline a go, as I had someone wanting me to ship one to them. Likely will continue to use them moving forward, their prices (even before the discount) were lower than the other options out there, and then the discount made it even better. Had no issues with the shipment, and also got their shipping boxes/packing material and it worked great.
Thanks for bringing a discount code for the community to try out a new shipping partner. Definitely happy I gave them a chance!