Redline: A New Way to Ship

Let’s face it: Shipping has become expensive. It’s a good time to check and make sure you are getting the best rates, without compromising on quality.

That’s why MorphMarket is excited to announce Redline Shipping as the official shipping service of MorphMarket . Robyn Markland and the Redline team draw on decades of experience to provide the best service and the best discounts in the industry.

Sign up today at and receive TWO deeply discounted shipments at 60% off retail rate when using coupon MORPH60 at checkout. There are no commitments or strings attached.

Why Redline? They make safe shipping of live reptiles, aquatics and inverts easy, secure and affordable. They have all the supplies and information you need to safely ship your live animals. The Redline customer service team is friendly yet professional. They are ready to problem solve and advocate for you to keep your package safe and secure at all times along its journey.

This is a great offer that all our users can benefit from.


I was checking out the website, and I don’t see a way to have my package picked up by FedEx at my home, as opposed to taking it to FedEx myself. Is this an option with Redline?

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Just signed up. I’ll gladly give them a try with some upcoming shipments! :slight_smile:

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Robyn says:

During the check out process you can schedule your own pickup for Express packages right on the site. There is also verbiage there and you can call for a pickup and we will schedule it for you.

If you have feedback on how this can be more clear, we welcome it.

Thanks, I’ll try it out! still charges less and gives you more of a discount after a certain amount of money spent. “Let’s face it: Shipping has become expensive. It’s a good time to check and make sure you are getting the best rates, without compromising on quality.” I mean the latter could easily be www.reptileexpress.coms motto. What makes better if its charging more?

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I would think MorphMarket is trying to not only give us a better deal (with the 2 60% off discounts) but also trying to promote a shipper that might be beneficial to all MorphMarket users. What if staff got this or any live animal shipper to give a discount to all MorphMarket users, that would be great for all of us, shipper included, they would get a lot of the reptile shipping business just by going through MorphMarket which is the best online market place for reptiles. I am just saying, MorphMarket is going to have to raise subscription prices, just like any other business, we are already dealing with inflation, a possible recession. Any little bit MorphMarket staff along with a shipping company can do would be worth it. Hopefully something like this could be done in the future for all MorphMarket members to save every time we ship, that would be excellent!


I’m excited to use this shipping company!

I noticed on Redline’s website it mentioned no venomous snakes “from mildly to brain-melting venomous” can be shipped. Does this mean that no Hognose or Garter snakes can be shipped through Redline since they are rear-fanged venomous?

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That’s a good question. I wouldn’t think they would consider western hognose venomous, just like most people. But since they put mildly on there website, they may have a problem with false water cobras and such. I guess the only way to for sure know is to ask them directly, with a specific species you need to ship?

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Robyn is what sets it apart. He’s a legend in the industry.

It seems your only concern is how cheap the service is, not the actual value it provides. There is more to consider from a value standpoint than just the direct cost. Have you ever had an animal stuck at a hub? If so, how did reptiles express handle the situation for you?

If you’ve never had a one of a kind animal spend extra days in transit, then you’ve yet to experience the thing that really sets all of the shippers in the industry apart.

Knowing Robyn, I have zero hesitation about shipping pricey animals with Redline because I know that he’ll back it up with top quality customer service.


Guess what happens when an animal is stuck in transit? It is stuck in transit. I’ve had animals stuck in my distribution hub and no one could do anything about it. Is Robyn going to go on the cargo plane and get your animal ?

All the shipping company can do for you is tell you everything is probably going to be ok and hopefully insure it if anything happens.

Cost is important to my customers. When they match or offer better prices than Reptile Express I’ll recommend them. I or none of my friends have had issues with Reptile Express. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

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Sounds like express doesn’t provide you with complete customer service. Last time I had an animal stuck at a hub, Debbie with Reptiles 2 You made sure it was brought inside of a heated building. And the time before that. Your shipper can provide more customer service than “Sorry you’ll have to wait and see” if they choose to.

Was it really brought inside? Call FedEX and ask them what is their protocol with taking packages off of their planes or pallets. They won’t do it. I had a package stuck in my local distribution hub which is 2 hours away and they told me that I couldn’t go pick it up. They will not take a package off the plane or container until it reaches its destination. The only difference between shipping companies is the price and insurance. Another difference might be someone making you feel good telling you your stuck package is going into a temp controlled building and everything is going to be ok. If you like that, great. I’ll stick with the lower cost for my customers.

Of course that’s they’re response to a normal person off the street. Your shipper has direct contacts with FedEx and had access to a different level service than you do. They’re a vendor that spends a lot of money with FedEx.

Does anyone at Reptiles Express call you and inform you that your package is delayed each time?

We’re not talking about a lot of money here between one service and the next, I’ll happily charge an extra $10-15 or pay it myself to work with someone I trust.

Do you know for sure that they have a different level of service or you are just assuming? Call FedEx and ask them. I don’t need someone to call me and tell me the same info that is shown in the tracking info.

Ship 1000 packages a year and that $15 will add up ($15,000)

If you like that type of service great but at the end of the day it’s the same service from FedEx.

Have a great day!

All I’m getting here, is you ascribing the same customer service you get through the cheapest shipping service to all of the others, without having tried them.


Hi there!:slight_smile:
I did email them, and thankfully was told Redline ships both Garter Snakes and Hognose snakes. Phew! :slight_smile: