Reflect Real Sale Prices in Dashboard Totals [2664]

I just saw on the summary page that there is a total of the animals I’ve sold and got me thinking as that’s not the true value.

It would be good to have the iron to set what the snake ACTUALLY sold for when it’s marked a sold. This could be private or public, but would mostly be for the seller to see


You can always go back to a listing that has sold and change the price that it sold for when updating it as Sold… or am i missing the point here?


You might not want to show how much you sold it for, for example i give discounts for repeat customers but i wouldn’t want the true price i sell for to be public as that then becomes the expected price.


Ohhhhh, thats a nice idea!

So say you list 10 animals for $500 each or for $2500 if bought as a group?

Or someone purchases a few of your listings over a short amount of time.


Hmmm a idea related to this would be being able to add a discount to a buyer from a certain store. Whether it be a value or percentage…

So say someone buys a lot from you, you could give them a permanent/temp 20% discount across your store… which could be reflected to them in the prices on listings :thinking:


That’s a nice expansion onto my suggestion :slight_smile: . But also sometimes someone will email an offer that i might accept. I would like to be able to update the actual sold price of that without changing the original price, and for the summary royals to reflex the actual price rather that the advertised price.

But the extra of being able to apply discounts to other stores is pretty cool as well. They could see the original price crossed out and the ‘to you’ price when they view listings


But i think we are both in the same page with this idea anyhow :smile:


I really like this idea. It’s something I would definitely use.

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Love this idea!