Rehoming reptiles suggestion

Would it be a possibility and/or a wanted feature to have a “rehoming” category?

A lot of people buy reptiles (especially snakes) without thinking it through. I see many retics and adult boas on ‘preowned pets’ type of websites and I know within 18 months them same animals will be back on the same sites, because again a majority don’t take into account where they will be in 10+ years time.

Would you be up for a section dedicated to users who have:

  • Animals too big for them/ current owner can’t handle it anymore.
  • Surplus hatchlings.
  • Whole collections off someone coming out of the hobby.

I will give my opinion on this, and @John may or may not agree,

Morph Market can be used for rehoming already if someone has an animal that they want to rehome they can use Morph Market (free accounts allow up to 3 ads at the time)

As far as forum go (I have a little experience on that) whenever you open the door to “rehoming” you will have people using the platform to sell animals. The free to good home are far in between and most people do not rehome they really re-sale. (So called adoption fee)

There are also many platforms that already exist allowing people to rehome their animals, Craigslist, Facebook and other forums.

Now surplus animals, collection sales fall in the retail/wholesale category and have no place here, since our goal here are discussions not sales

Just my opinion.


Many states have a reptile society that takes unwanted reptiles. I know at least Minnesota and Georgia have such reptile societies (as I have lived in both states, I’m sure most states have something similar). Those organizations are appropriate for rehoming reptiles like that, I see MorphMarket more for established breeders and hobbyists to sell relatively high-end animals of quality and known genetics. I don’t really see MorphMarket as appealing to people who impulse-buy at a pet shop, which is where many of these problems originate.

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And a very valid opinion. I think your right and the system would be abused by people reselling them.

The only reason I asked is because a majority of these rehoming stores allow you to browse through all type of animal, so someone just looking for a “cool pet” and knows nothing about them can take home a 15ft retic.
At least on here we know specially are looking for a reptile pet and it not just on a whim, like “I was going to get a kitten but they have pythons on here aswel”.

But your right it would be misused by people hoping to make some free money.

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That was actually the main reason for me thinking it.
If someone is browsing for a pet on MM then at least they have some plan up until a point and know they want a reptile. So someone that started looking for a dog wouldn’t go home with a monitor lizard just because it “looked cooler than any dogs they had”.
But @stewart_reptiles had a great point that it would be abused by people reselling rehomed pets.

Yep @stewart_reptiles pretty much explained it:

  • The market can be used for this although it’s unlikely someone wants to go through the setup process just to move 1 animal.
  • In the forums, it would create a slippery slope.

Personally I would use Craigslist for this although you’ll get a lot of other unqualified people. Probably donating to an organization is the surest thing to do.

Something slightly related, am about to add a pet-only tag for rehoming animals which have some kind of a minor issue.


Having rehomed several snakes via Craigslist it’s all about asking TONS of questions of the perspective owner. Even more than you’d ever think of asking. I make sure people can answer anything and everything. I get pics of setups, make people come to my place and watch them handle the snake in my presence, and the biggest is posting a price high to make sure someone is truly interested. Then when they pass vetting I lower the price as I see fit.

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Yeah, as soon as I read her reply I knew it was a bad idea.

I’m not sure that I’m getting what you mean. Do you mean rehoming a animal with a illness/health issue?

Could be a slight kink that hasn’t been fatal but means a female could never carry eggs. Just one example but there’s tons of instances where a snake might be able to live but shouldn’t be bred.


Ah right, I get you.
Nice one :+1:

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John can correct me if I’m off there but that was my guess. Idk what some others would be but if there was a slight duck billing but it could eat maybe same thing there?


@thecrawdfather had the right idea. Something non-critical, but perhaps an animal you wouldn’t want to breed. We’ll have to define this carefully.

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Also maybe a “special needs” section. Sometimes people do all they can for an animal and it’s just too much for them.


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