Rename Kingsnake Categories for MBK Clarity [DONE] [1318]

MM should turn “western black king” snake into “Mexican Black King Snake”

The king snake section is a mess - MBK’s are posted everywhere because people (buyers and sellers) are uneducated about the differences between black (nigra), mex mex (mexicana) & western black (nigrita).

Please fix this. Thx


@iron_triangle_reptiles thanks for reporting this and providing the recommended solution. This is on our list and we’ll try to increase the priority.


We’ve renamed the following Kingsnake subcategories on MorphMarket for greater clarity:

Black Kingsnakes (L. nigra) -> Eastern Black Kingsnakes
Mexican Kingsnakes (L.m. mexicana) -> San Luis Potosi Kingsnakes
Western Black Kingsnakes (Lg nigrita) -> Mexican Black Kingsnakes

Thanks for the feedback!


Thank you so much for this.

It’ll make sorting through the kings so much better and I think it will help breeders out too. I just can’t help it - I think poorly of sellers who misclassify their offerings. Makes me think they don’t even care to learn about the animals they keep and breed.