Renick Ghost

Centering my breeding projects around the Renick Ghost morph. I’m starting with a Male Renick Ghost Super Tiger. Will I drive myself crazy starting with a recessive gene? Maybe…

Who all is working on RG combos? As far as I know, Travis Warren is the main one. I’d like to know what other breeders/hobbiests are working with RG as well.
What RG combos have been made? Which ones would the community like to see?
With RG being an albino gene, does it make albino combos like Mochino, Snow, etc?
Another thing I’ve always wondered, why is RG not a more popular morph?


I love the renick ghost morph! It is more expensive to get into and produce, being a real recessive trait compared to the mochino and sunglows that just need one copy of their respective traits(mocha, and indo caramel) and one copy of albino to make higher contrasting albino morphs that look somewhat similar, is probably why it’s not more popular in my opinion. I still think it is more valuable then those co dom morphs though. As for what morphs I’d like to see in renick ghost, using your super tiger I would put anthrax into that. Anthrax and tiger do incredible things to the pattern and if you have seen things like the mochino, anthrax, tiger you will see what I mean. Also depending on how you feel about the jaguar gene, tiger and jaguar go so well together. Pied tigers would look incredible with renick as well! Of course a dream retic would be something along the lines of; renick ghost, ocelot(or rainbow) tiger! That would be so crazy looking! That’s a great and genetically powerful retic you got there! Keep us updated


Thanks for your input! I did think about anthrax and I am really leaning towards jag too!

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