Repeated Tire Kicking

What is everyone’s opinion on people who keep asking the same question about the same or similar animals you have listed on MM?

As a buyer that asks alot of questions, id say to just answer and try to remain professional because you never know. In a more objective opinion i would say to make a judgement call, if you dont believe they are ever planning to actually buy, make a call whether to respond or not, and be prepared for them to vilify you. Not saying they will, only that people can be vengeful if they feel slighted, so be sure you are good

I’m not a seller, but it could indicate that they aren’t paying attention with what they’re doing, if they didn’t even notice you were selling several of the prospective purchases. Might be a sign that they won’t pay attention to other important details.

It may help to put that info on the ad. I put as much info as possible on the physical ad, to prevent excessive questions. At the end of the day, though… how you answer those questions is how people will judge you


It’s part of the business and part of doing retail which is often the part breeders have the most issue with.

Is it annoying that people ask the same question over again even though the answer is in the ad, is it annoying people will offer 50% off retail when it says firm or reasonable offer? Yes but again it’s part of the game and you can always sell wholesale if you do not want to deal with that aspect, less money but less headach too.


I guess because I’m not a seasoned seller yet that I don’t find any question asked of me redundant, annoying, ect even if an ad has it. I personally like answering questions (and possibly giving TMI in the process). Guess the newness of selling and talking snakes still hasn’t worn off.

Thanks for the feed back. I guess I was frustrated an didn’t explain what they were doing. I had a couple of the same gene animals listed for a fair price I thought, so this person asked if I had a female to go with the animal I listed I said no. A few months later asked how much shipping would be to their zip so I told them. Then a few months later asked how much shipping was to their zip code so I told them. Didn’t hear back. A month goes by an they ask what the total price shipped so I told them they sent their info to me I send them a PayPal invoice then didn’t hear back. They asked total price a few weeks back and I simply said still this price I believe you’ve inquired about him before. Nothing back. Then someone buys the animal and he just asked about the brother total price shipped last night who was priced the same. So it’s been ongoing for a little while now.

I do want to respond and be professional because at the end of the day that’s how I want to be treated. I guess its frustrating cause I would do this to other people.

@hinglesherps I do have a detailed policy for everything. I try to be professional with every answer.

@stewart_reptiles I have had someone want money off a lower priced animal and wanted me to deliver it.

@meerkatlyndz You can never give to much info. Do your best for your customer cause it will help them give proper care for the animal they just purchased from you.

@mblaney If you look at the detail I added about the situation I don’t think their not paying attention but I could be wrong.


I would raise the price everytime he asked, or answer every question with a question.


That’s hysterical, I love it. I feel like maybe this person hopes that if the same snake is listed long enough, you’ll start dropping the price in hopes of selling it faster. Which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, because a ball python that’s older and closer to being ready to breed is only going to increase in value with time, they’re not like electronics or cars that depreciate


Not sure if this will work for you but we do a write up for each animal listed when someone ask a question we just copy and paste the answer from the write up. Saves a lot of time for us. It’s annoying to be asked the same question multiple times from one person but that’s kinda what sales is 90 out of 100 don’t buy. Just hard to know which are the good 10 your looking for.