Replacement latch or lock for boaphile pvc

Hi all, I recently picked up a couple of boaphile pvc enclosures and unfortunately the keys he had copied didn’t work for some reason so it looks like I need to replace them. His site seems to be down but does anyone know where I could get a latch or lock that would work?


I’m in the same boat- I’m desperately in need of 2 pedestals for my boaphile stacks. You could try calling Jeff Ronne (@the_boaphile ) directly, I believe his number is listed on his MM seller profile. If you do, let us know how it goes! I was hypothesizing that he may have had to take the site down due to PVC/other material shortage or holiday season shipping delays.


Im not sure about replacement locks but if it gets to the point that you are desperate then you can use a lock decoder like this and take the results to a locksmith to cut fresh keys from.