Replacing heat tape on a rack?

Have any of you ever had to replace heat tape on a snake rack before? I’ve got a C-serpents rack that I have in storage and the rack itself is fine, but the heat tape doesn’t look good and I would like to try and replace it instead of buying a whole new rack. Any tips on how to do that? I can remove the back panel to reach the heat tape so that shouldn’t be an issue, and I imagine that the process would be as simple as pulling the old tape out and just putting in a new one, but since the rack is already assembled I wasn’t sure if that would change anything.

I’ve replaced the heat tape on my C-Serpents rack with no issues, all you have to do is take it apart and piece it back together the way it came!


Thanks for the info! I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to take it apart, but if that’s what I need to do then I’ll do it. It definitely beats having to buy a brand new rack at least lol.

You do not need to take the whole thing apart, just pulling the back is fine. Be careful feeding the new tape in so you do not crimp the elements and you are good.


Thank you for the help, I’ll definitely be looking up the proper way to do it so that I don’t have issues!