Replicate Morph Market Seller Import Tool

Hello, I’m tring to know how to create the same feature of import list from morphmarket. I’m from Philippines and I wanted to have the same website accessible to sellers with less time importing their list. Can someone help me on this? Is this a tool? or it is coding?

Would this be what you need?..

Already saw this video, thanks though. What I want to know is the system/app/tool behind it so I can integrate with the website I’m making.

Ah right, sorry I misunderstood.

The term you will want to be searching for is CSV (comma separated values)… This should help you out.

Thanks I’ll this.

@Hebi is trying to build a marketplace for South East Asia.

As I shared with him in email, MM is a custom web app, so be prepare to put in thousands of hours to replicate what have. And then you still have to get people to use the site at the beginning, which is even harder.

Not to mention, competition. We plan to launch an eastern region in the not distant future.

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If it is purely to bring a market over to Asia then it would make more sense to work with us than against us. Maybe help out in getting it sorted.

I wouldn’t think this is the sort of business that competition will work well for, people will always come to the most reputable source.

I can’t think of anything that can be offered that Morphmarket doesn’t already have or being worked on.