Repopulation Project

this is a project for the repopulation of the northern italian wall lizards that recently have became hard to find in my sub urban area (perfect for them) here is a pick of the specie

and this is the outdoor enclosure if you have a similar project feel free to share it!


I kind of wanted to start this for Green Anoles in south Florida

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cool I hope you do because beside exotics reptiles ( non native) I think r beautiful natives ones too and very useful for the ecosystem

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Aren’t there a abundance of them in Florida? I dont think they need to be repopulated

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I don’t think civilians should ever be doing “repopulating” projects on their own whether or not they are native species.


Exactly. You never know what pathogens you could give them if you have your own reptiles. Or what undesirable effects they might be able to have by giving them an unfair advantage. You could have a weaker population of animals if you don’t know what you are doing. Repopulating should be left to the professionals.


Yes but a lot of people have been taking them out for pets

I would not be releasing them thought, forgot to add that they would be for sale so people don’t take them out of the wild

actually the thing here is very different they r common but illegal to sell or own (only for projects like mine)

If you are just building outdoor habitats for them to survive and reproduce in then I don’t see a issue at all (dependant or the population and hygiene levels).

But if you going to start moving them to different areas then you may just end up breeding prey for a larger animal.

Your best bet to help them out is to make small shelters out in nature (even bird houses stuck up in trees could work) and feeding the animal below it in the food chain. If you hear crickets chirping in the grass then throw your leftover vegetables in there with them. Even planting some vegetables for the sole purpose of increasing the insect count could help.

The better their diet the better chances at life they have.


no they belong to this area but they get killed by some kids around my neighborhood so im trying to breed them in a place that they dont know

It might be more productive to put the kids in a enclosure then :crazy_face:

this is satire, I don’t encourage capturing the neighborhood kids… Or any kids for that matter :joy:


ops too late I did it… :joy: :joy: I tried to tell them to dont do but they still do it actually when I find some lizards I catch them and I put them back to the nature far from them