Representative Photos Guide

What is a Representative Photo?

Have you ever purchased an animal online, only to be surprised that it was not the animal that you saw pictured? MorphMarket doesn’t ever want that to be your experience.

A Representative Photo is a feature included in most membership plans that allow you to use a generic image to advertise an animal, though it must be of an animal of the same species and genetics being offered for sale and accurately represent the appearance of the animal.

What are Representative Photos For?

One very reasonable circumstance for this feature is when advertising multiple animals with the “quantity” field on a single ad, where only one of the animals is pictured (as shown above by JD Constriction).

How Do I Use the Representative Photo Feature?

While MorphMarket does not encourage the use of this kind of photo, it is permitted provided the seller has indicated it using the option when creating the listing (Exact Items are All Pictured").

This option allows MorphMarket to alert the buyer about the nature of the photo both on the ad and when they click inquire.

No representative photo may be used unless this option is selected in the ad so that it is plainly obvious to the buyer that the item they are inquiring about may not be pictured. If you find a seller using representative photos on an ad where there is not a yellow note below the photo, please click “report” on that ad to notify MorphMarket .