Reptile Buddy or Husbandry Pro

Hi guys, our breeding business is growing and therefore our numbers and as fun as Punett squares are and as useful as the MM Calculator and genetics wizards are, I really would like a software that has an integrated genetics feature.

I’ve been using Reptile Scan and I’ve liked it for general record keeping but it’s not keeping the amount that we’re looking for at this point in our breeding program.

SOOOOOO…for those of you with more intricate programs and/or larger numbers of animals…

WHICH DO YOU PREFER? and maybe why if you don’t mind stating?

don’t mean to call out anyone particular software developers on here, just honestly trying to meet our needs the best way possible.



I’ve been using ReptileBuddy for a while and have found it pretty useful

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i find reptile buddy really good and easy to use hope this helps regards Tony

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@chesterhf and @bigt2022 I tried to use the trial/free version and found that Reptile Buddy is only a mobile device program? or am I missing something?

I just double checked and it is mobile/app only. Which addmittedly could be unwieldy if you were dealing with a ton of snakes.

yeah it is mobile only i only have 12 snakes lol

Husbandry.Pro is both mobile and accessible on a web browser via PC and what I’ve been using!


So I’ve been playing with Husbandry today and I was leaning that way because it has a desktop and mobile option. I still like having a computer based option with a big screen for the major data stuff. BUT it’s missing a genetics calculator…the Breeding plan is nice but I still have to use a separate option for genetics calculations.

But I’m guessing reptile Buddy is the only one with a built in genetics calculator…. Which leaves me mobile only

:woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2: lol I might be asking too much.

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I would suggest that you use the MorphMarket calculator and just writing down the output.

That’s what I’ve been doing with Reptile Scan. Which isn’t that hard I was just hoping to have a system that “had it all”. I work from home for my fulltime jobs as well as the breeding business and already spend many hours with databases and it would just simplify things…

…as well as satisfy my record keeping OCD and obsession. LOL.