Reptile Expo Manchester NH

Anyone going to, or exhibiting at, the Reptile Expo in Manchester NH this Sunday? I’m hoping to bring my daughter down for a little “scavenging” this time. Weather permitting, a round of disc golf first!

Just a Follow Up… The show was fun. Well attended and well “merchandised”. Lots of great animals to agonize over. The ratio of Balls was probably 60% or less. As a colubrid fan, that’s a big bonus for me. Lots of kings…

My daughter was supposed to join me today, but her flight from Florida was delayed yesterday - 23 hours! She arrived in Boston in the middle of the show. As I had to pick her up, no animals were purchased. :confused: This time!


Yikes! That’s quite a delay!

Glad you had fun, even if you didn’t leave with anything!

If I’d remembered, and wasn’t sick, we may have made the trip. Maybe next time! :blush:

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I happy to hear that she made it alright in the end :slightly_smiling_face: