Reptile food in NE?

As of late I’ve found locally food can get prettyyyyyy expensive, and given how I left out my current frozen stock out too long in the fridge after a sick episode and forgot about it (oops) I don’t trust it as much as I’d like to. Here’s the problem, I’m looking at a rate of 7 dollars a meal for the most part which can be a bit overwhelming once you hit the time of the month to order and you find yourself penniless just to have your pythons enjoy one more meal each. Essentially, anybody in Eastern NE, specifically Lincoln, where I could get some good cheap stuff? By cheap I just mean anything that is less expensive than its weight in gold :rofl:

How many snakes are you feeding and do you own a deep freezer? It might be worth it to purchase in bulk online. Prices online are usually much cheaper than pet stores.


Currently it’s just my 5 pythons with new ones on hold for the future, I got rid of much of my collection. I don’t own a bulk freezer primarily since I don’t have space but I’m not opposed to keeping a smaller freezer near my snakes. Until I can manage to get my hands on a freezer buying in bulk is a bit out there for me given my currently limited space and I’d hate to make the same mistake partially due to not enough storage again (did I clean my freezer out? No. Did this freeze my rats together so I had to semi thaw some? Yes. Hence part of my negligence for the now suspicious ones after I left those in my fridge)

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Have you tried expos? All the ones I have been to are like 2.50 absolute max for a medium rat.

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April 21st is the next expo, I’ll have a good sum of money to bring with me on top of the usual money I bring for reserved animals and entries fees and whatnot which should aid me quite a bit, thanks for the suggestion! I’ll definitely look around when I get there

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